Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Ant Lover Who Had To Become an Ant


Imagine you are watching a farmer plough the field.  You noticed an ant hill will be ploughed under by the farmer on his next time around. You also noticed that the ants were busy building the ant hill. Because you are an ant lover, you run to the ant hill to warn them.

First you shout to them the impending danger but they continue with their work. You then try sign language and finally resort to everything you can think of, but nothing works. Why? Because you are not an ant; and you are not communicating with them. What is the best way to communicate with them? Only by becoming an ant can you communicate with them so they can understand.

This is what God did. He wanted to communicate with us we didn’t understand, so His best way of reaching us is to become man and thus reach us directly.

Man could not have been saved by the blood of rams – it is the blood of a sinless man that could atone for the sins of the sinners. There was none and so God in flesh offered His own blood. He came to save us and died that we might live.

The Anthill 

by Bill Lindsay

Father and son were walking through the forest
When they came upon an anthill on the way,
The lad kicked out and thus destroyed their kingdom
The Father, saddened now, was heard to say:

“Is that really what you wanted to achieve, son?”
as the ants raced angrily around his feet,
the boy, mischievous smile now quickly fading,
watched his victory turn swiftly to defeat.

He watched the tiny army spring to action
as they strained as one to mend their broken earth,
but his urge to make amends were met with anger 
and they raged at him with all that they were worth.

Frantically, he tried to fix the carnage
but this simply made them bite him all the more,
'If only I could turn back time,' he pleaded
'And let their lives be happy as before'

Deeper now, and fiercer the biters
ran, merciless - across His helping hand;
'Why can’t they see I’m trying hard to help them
Father, please, why don’t they understand?'

Father crouched and put his arm around him
Sensing that the lesson had been learned;
"There’s really only one way you can fix this,
but you’re human, so your efforts will be spurned.

The truth, my son, is, you don’t speak their language."
Frustrated now, the son began to cry,
"If you want them to understand your purpose,
Become an ant - and face them, eye to eye."

'But even if I did, would they believe me
And how can I be certain of their trust?'
Stretching out his bloodied hands toward them
He’d give His life up for them if He must.

Father knew His Son’s determination
Meant that He would have to let Him go,
Even though this sacrifice was costly;  
The price was more than he could ever know.
Thus was formed the plan for our redemption
As God constrained Himself to human frame,
From Heaven, stepped the Son into mortality
As Father wept - Immanuel, His name.

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