Wednesday, September 16, 2015

In Memory of the only man in America who spoke to me about my soul


A certain Senator in Washington invited the Ambassador from Belgium to his home for dinner.

Now the Senator’s father was a grand old Christian. He sought always to win souls for Christ. So the Senator warned his father to be careful about what he said to the Ambassador when he came for dinner.

When the Ambassador came in, he was received with great pomp and ceremony.

Soon the old man came downstairs and the Senator introduced him to the Ambassador. The old man forgot the warning which his son had given him, and blurted out the question: “Are you a Christian?”

The Senator was greatly embarrassed, but the Ambassador was very courteous.

Some months later the old man died. Since he was a Senator’s father, many, many flowers were sent to his funeral. But one wreath stood out above all others, and on the card accompanying this wreath was written these words:

“In Memory of the only man in America who spoke to me about my soul” 

and the card was signed by the Belgium Ambassador.

Oh may God help us to be interested in the souls of men!

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