Sunday, December 24, 2017

The Gains and Pains of 2017

Reading: Jeremiah 51: 58 - 64

In less than 100 hours the year 2017 will become part of history. There are those who - if possible - would like the year to extend its stay because for them, it was a year of joy, happiness, success and all things good. I will take their wish in my next write-up. But today, let us talk with those who think that 2017 is slow in going. To this group it is a year of anger, pain, suffering, loss and everything evil and sad. Is there a way to turn all the anger and pain to success and joy?

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Jeremiah the prophet made a very strong statement when he said; "Pagans waste their pains" 

What does this mean? The point he is making is that those who live without a God don't know what to do with their pains and this is a waste of them. Their pain ends in fruitless and meaningless suffering. It gets them nowhere.

So much of the world's pain is being wasted, as politicians and other leaders try to deal with issues on their own, and do not ask for God's help in prayers or bow to the wisdom of God that is to be found in Scripture. They apply their worldly remedies and find after a while that they are back where they started and compelled to go through the whole miserable business of pain and bitterness all over gain.

What is my suggestion to all this day? There is a God who invites all suffering humanity "Come to Me all who are oppressed and heavily burdened and I will give you rest. My yoke is easy and my burden light". The same God also says; " All things together work for good to all who trust God and are the called of His love". If you turn all the pain and suffering to God, 2018 will be to you as the woman who has just gone through the pain of childbirth. Pain. if turned over to God will bring forth a new life and the joy of the new birth will overshadow the pain.

God bless you as you go into joyful 2018 with God.

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