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Your Star – Fortune Telling

fortune telling

Astrology is the use of astronomical phenomena to predict earthly and human events in terms of an assumed theoretical system. In its earliest form astrology consisted of simple omens that astrologists read from the sky. In its mature form astrology analyses the supposed effects of Sun, Moon, Planets and Stars on the Earth for a specific time and place.

Astrology originated in ancient Babylonia in 409BC and spread from there to China and the West where different but related traditions grew up. In the 12th Century astrology began to prosper in Western Europe. By the end of the 17th Century, however, astrology was considered as a pseudoscience by almost all learned people. Not only was it opposed to the Christian doctrines of divine intervention and human free will, but also the acceptance of a greatly-expanded sun-centred universe, raised doubt about whether the heavens were created to direct changes on the earth.

The astrological column in a Newspaper today is generally based on the sign of the Zodiac in which the Sun was located when a person was born. A simplified form of astrology, it implies that all people born under the same sign anywhere in the world at any time share common characteristics and that their daily activities should be so guided. There is no record to show that the horoscope reading in a paper in Nigeria is exactly the same as in a paper in the USA. Close investigations have shown that even in Nigeria, the reading varies from paper to paper.

Zodiac Signs

Although astrology has persisted to the present day enjoying greater popularity in some countries than in others, it has never attracted more than an occasional scientist to its ranks since the 17th Century. Periods of resurgence may correspond  with times of uncertainty, especially when science and technology seem unable to provide acceptable solutions to pressing problems and when people seem to seek a more mystical and spiritual mode of understanding the world. It all borders on man’s desire to know the future and be able to control his destiny.

Some great astronomers and astrologers have admitted that it is all a foolery. Kepler, a great astronomer has this to say:
“I engaged in astrology only because of economic necessity. Astrology is to me an unbearable and necessary slavery. To keep my yearly income, my title and my living quarters, I have to comply with ignorant curiosity. Astronomy is the wise mother and astrology the foolish daughter who gives herself to everyone that pays her, so that she can support her wise mother.” 

Consulting Medium

The main problems of astrology are in the area of Christian counselling. It can be stated in three words: Swindle – Suggestion – Demonry. We take an example of swindle. A student of psychology at the Sorbonne University in Paris wanted to write his thesis. He put up a classified advertisement in a big Newspaper and passed himself off as an astrologer. For a prepaid fee of $5.00 he would cast a detailed horoscope for each writer. He received about 400 letters and with that the financing of his studies was secured. He cast a single horoscope for all 400 customers, without paying any attention to the signs of the Zodiac. He only considered psychological aspects to tell everybody about a good future; then they would not be sorry for the fee; to admit positive character traits to everybody for everybody likes to believe that etc. This horoscope he sent to all of his 400 customers. He received many letters of appreciation, since he had covered almost everybody’s situation. Then the student wrote his dissertation and got his degree with honours. In this case astrology was a crafty business. The young Frenchman earned much money  and a “doctor title” through the stupidity and superstition of his fellowmen. The Newspaper editor who sees that circulation falls if no horoscope is included in the paper; made his own horoscope and nobody knew the difference.
Experts in different fields look at astrology in different views:

Doctors of Medicine already have recognized the damages done by astrology. Dr. Schrank has this to say:
“How dangerous the effects of astrology are is proved by the fact that in sensitive people serious psychic disturbances, fear of life, despair and disorders have been observed.  Astrology paralyses initiative and power of judgment. It stupefies and encourages shallowness, it uniforms the personality for a platitudinous underground movement.”
Astrologers themselves have said it even more clearly. A leading astrologer Wehrle said:
“Astrology is mantic i.e. a fortune telling act. Thus in astrology we are faced with an occult tendency with all the effects that occult things carry along with them".

The Bible makes it most clear what is to be thought of astrology. In Deuteronomy 17:2-5 it is commanded “whoever worships either the sun or moon, or any of the hosts of heaven, shall be stoned.”If there is found among you, within any of your gates which the LORD your God gives you, a man or a woman who has been wicked in the sight of the LORD your God, in transgressing His covenant, who has gone and “served other gods and worshiped them, either the sun or moon or any of the host of heaven, which I have not commanded, and it is told you, and you hear of it, then you shall inquire diligently. And if it is indeed true and certain that such an abomination has been committed in Israel, then you shall bring out to your gates that man or woman who has committed that wicked thing, and shall stone to death that man or woman with stones.”

The prophet Isaiah speaks even more in details about astrology He invites in Isaiah 47:13-14 “You are wearied in the multitude of your counsels; Let now the astrologers, the stargazers, And the monthly prognosticators Stand up and save you From what shall come upon you. Behold, they shall be as stubble, The fire shall burn them; They shall not deliver themselves From the power of the flame; It shall not be a coal to be warmed by, Nor a fire to sit before”

According to the Bible, astrology is pagan idol worship, blasphemy, apostasy from the living God. The first commandment has been forgotten “You shall not make for yourself a carved image — any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth (Exodus 20:4) 

We shall now buttress our warning that all Christians should avoid astrology or horoscope with a quotation from Kurt Koch’s book – “The Devil’s Alphabet”. The Astronomical Society officially said about astrology in 1949: 
“The Astronomical Society takes the opportunity of this present conference in Bonn to expressly warn people against the continuing spread of the evils of astrology. The belief that the position of the stars at the moment of a person’s birth influences their life in any way, and that man can consult the stars in matters relating to his private or public life has its origin in the ancient astronomical idea that this world together with the human race is situated at the very centre of the cosmos. This concept, however, disappeared long ago. Whatever hides behind the title of astrology or Cosmo-biology today, is nothing more than a mixture of superstition, duplicity and business. Astrology cannot be demonstrated and are not related in any way to science and to scientific methods. A few chance fulfillment of some astrological predictions cannot alter the matter. Astrology is merely comprised of an assumed random set of rules. Such a system cannot claim to give scientifically based interpretations and forecasts in either public or private matters.”


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