Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Year 2013- Its Challenges and Hopes

happy new year

Deuteronomy 11:1-32

The beginning of the year is like the beginning of any new venture. It has its hopes, its expectations and often its failures. Let us use the experience of the Israelites as they leave Egypt to teach ourselves what to do in the coming year:

Verse 2: God defines those He is talking to – people who already know who the Lord is and what He has done in the previous years and times.

Verse 3-4: God overcame all their previous enemies – just as He overcame Pharaoh in Egypt.

Verse 5: He is God who does not wink His eyes when His children misbehave. He punished Israel in the wilderness. He also provided for them – He will also punish us and provide for us in 2013.

Verses 5-6: Till we come to this place, He will always lead His people to His desired end.

Verses 6-7: Enemies can be within and without; God’s anger is more on the enemy within than on the enemy without. He did all He did to teach them a lesson – It is the lesson of obedience.

Verses 8-9: What you will get or fail to get in 2013 depends on how you obey His commandments for you in the year.

Verses 10-12: It is a year of many possibilities such as:
(a) Fruit bearing – as you see the day approaching
(b) Victories and growth in your Christian race
(c) Abundance of God’s blessings – pouring out of His love, prosperity and increase
(d) Uneasy road (verse 11) hills and valleys, trials and victories
(e) God is interested in it (verse 12) He wants to know and see the outcome of your struggles.

Verses 13-21: Studying the word, teaching it and preparing your family for His return. If Paul and the rest said they were living in the last days, then we are living in the injury time. Jesus Himself said, “I am coming quickly” Are you ready to meet the Lord? (Haggai 1:5 – “It is time to consider your ways”)
Along with increased Christian activity comes increased devilish attacks and activities.

Verses 22-32- But remember – our victory will depend on our obedience

My prayer for all of us is that God Himself will take us through the year 2013 and that we will duly follow Him as He leads us.

God bless you all and Happy New Year!.

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