Sunday, April 12, 2015

How Responsive is Your God?

God of Miracles

Reading: First Kings 18:17-39

Our society today is full people who are between two opinions. The question most present on the lips is; “where do we go from here?” This problem prevails in the economic as well as in the social life of the people. It is most pronounced in their religious lives. People change from one religious sect to the other in search of meaning and answer to the yearnings of their heart. They are silently asking “which god is the real God? Which god answers the prayers of his children? Where can I find him?” The mistake they make and the mistake that has made the answer to their question elusive is that they have been looking for this God in establishments and organisations. God is not in them. He is not in any cult. He is not in any society whether secret or open. God says in His Word, the Bible; “They will seek Me and find Me when they seek for Me with all their heart.” The Bible further says “God is a Spirit, they that worship Him, must worship Him in Spirit and in truth.”

Last week I shared with you the testimony of a brother who has proved from his own personal experience that Jesus lives and answers prayers of His people. That brother is saying; “The Lord Jesus Christ, He is God! I saw Him and I know Him!” Today, I want to share with you another true testimony of a brother from Jos. His name is Ali Musa and in his testimony he said; 

“Praise God I have education, I have business, I have money – all happened to me in a week. Praise the Lord Alleluia. (I wish I could read to you his testimony as he wrote it; but most of you will not understand him. So I am rewriting his letter but I will not leave out any of the points he made and I shall try to follow the trend of his thinking.) 
“My testimony is a result of the salvation I have in the Lord Jesus. I was living in sin. I lied freely and was engrossed in worldly things and their pleasure till one day; I walked into a Church in Jos. Told the pastor my problems and asked him to pray for me that God would forgive my sins. He did. For six months I studied the word of God and gave myself up to prayers. 
On January 1, I prayed that God would help me and provide a business for me. On the same day, I got a letter from a friend in Ibadan asking me to come and study in T.P.G.B.M. The course lasts for thirty days. I replied him, “I have no money to attend the thirty days course.” I then knelt down and prayed to the Lord Jesus and said “Jesus if I am yours, provide the money” To my surprise, early in the morning on January 6, a friend of my uncle came to me and asked me whether I will like to study with the school I had told him. I answered yes, of course; then he brought out a large sum of money and gave it to me asking me to use the money for my transportation to Ibadan. He asked me to go by air and return after the course by bus. 
My surprises are not over. On the day before my uncle’s friend came, I got a letter from a business house in Lagos telling me that my application to be their agent in Jos had been approved. I am looking forward to working with this business house. It has been my life dream. 
I had, when I got the letter from my friend in Ibadan prayed that God would give me a sponsor for the course if it is His will for my life. On January 7, a friend called on me and said; “Ali Musa, I heard that you will be going to Ibadan for Soul Winning Evangelism. I answered him yes, of course, by the grace of God. I will be leaving on Monday morning. He then said to me, “You know how things are hard these days, but so far you are still studying and you have no money to sponsor yourself for the thirty days programme in Ibadan, have this little and may God grant you a safe and happy journey to Ibadan.” I opened the envelope and saw enough money to take me through the course. You see how good and faithful our Lord is.  
Brother Silas Eke, kindly make my testimony known to the whole world because our God is a living God. In one week I have opportunity for education, have a business and my father encouraging me to stand firm in my living in Christ. All these happened to me between January 1 and January 7. Musa Ali was a Muslim. I am now a young Christian from Borno State aged twenty-one years. I need the help of others to live a Christ-like life. In Christ – Ali Musa”
Does your God answer like the God of Ali Musa? He answered like the God of Elijah. Always, when you hear testimonies like this one, your response should be “The Lord, He alone is God” Perhaps, you are saying “It happens to others, it does not happen to me” This is true but the fault is not with God; the fault is on your own end of the line.

You need a reappraisal of yourself, your belief and your method. God cannot hear you except you come to Him through the Way He has approved. The only Way to God is Jesus Christ. Jesus Himself said, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, no man comes to the Father except through Me.” (John 14:6)

If your religion, belief or way of life, does not give you access to God’s throne of mercy, you need a change. Elijah asked the children of Israel, “Why do you continue to falter between two opinions; if the Lord is God, follow Him, but if Baal, follow him. The God who answers by fire He is the God!”

It is time to call people of this nation to the mount of decision. It is time for you to climb to this mount and there decide on whom to follow. Ali Musa has through personal experience proved that Jesus is God. He answered when he called. Would you today decide on whom to follow? The decision is yours. As for me and my family, we have decided to follow Jesus Christ because He alone is God. There is no going back!

Do you have any testimonies to share?   

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