Sunday, March 15, 2015

Short Stories: Thank God for Mothers


I like my Mother's Translation the best

Four clergymen were discussing the various translations of the Bible. One liked the King James Version because of its beautiful English. Another, the Revised Version of 1881 because of its literal and accurate translation of the original Hebrew and Greek. The third likes the James Moffatt translation for its up to date vocabulary. The fourth was silent. When asked to express his opinion he replied, ‘I like my mother’s translation best’. The others were surprised. ‘I didn’t know your mother translated the Bible’ one said. ‘Oh yes’ came the reply. ‘She translated it into life and it was the most convincing translation I ever saw’
-J.C. Mitchell.

Mother's Bill

Albert E. Bailey told the story about two bills – Harry’s Bill to his mother and mother’s bill to Harry.
The first bill itemized the various jobs Harry had done about the house and ended: Total Bill that mother owes Harry $12.00. The Bill was promptly paid. The other Bill which Harry found under his pillow the next day read something like this:

  • For food for Harry, ten years $0.00
  • For clothing and home, ten years $0.00
  • For Toys & skates & a bicycle $0.00
  • For taking care of Harry during Pneumonia $0.00
  • Miscellaneous etc etc etc $0.00
  • Total that Harry owes mother $0.00 


Mother doesn't do no work

A boy had obtained a job –his first- and was boasting of the amount of work he did. “I get up at half past five and have my breakfast” he said. “Anyone else gets up too?” he was asked. “Oh yes, mother gets my breakfast and then she gets Dad’s at half past six” “And your dinner?” “Oh yes, mother gets that too, and then she gets father’s” “Has she the afternoon to herself?” “Oh no, she cleans up, looks after the children and gets tea for Dad and me when we come home. We then read the Newspapers and go to bed” “And your mother?” “Well, she does a bit of sewing then, when all is cleaned up after tea.” “What wages do you get?” “Oh I get ten shillings and Dad gets four pounds.” “Mother?” “Oh she doesn’t get wages – she doesn’t do no work ....”


Susannah Wesley

Of Susannah Wesley, the mother of the Wesleys, Adam Clarke says: "Many daughters have done virtuously but Susannah Wesley has excelled them all". Born in London in 1669, she died in 1772. Her father was Samuel Ammesley, an eminent non-conformist divine. In her 13th year, she entered the Church of England, and in her 20th year married Samuel Wesley, and became the mother of his 19 children - she herself was one of 25 children. John was the second of her sons. The record of her home life, training of her children, and the beauty and devotion of her Christian character reveal her as a remarkable woman. In spite of her large family, she would take each child aside at night for instruction in divine things. Said John Wesley of his revered mother: 'I cannot remember ever having kept back a doubt from my mother. She was the one heart to whom I went in absolute confidence from my babyhood until the day of her death.'

Mothers Day Message: The Joy of Motherhood

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