Wednesday, October 29, 2014

In case stuff happens

The story is told of a King who wanted to celebrate the twenty first birthday of his son, the Prince. He printed posters and handbills and invited all who considered themselves his loyal subjects to attend the Birthday party. At the bottom of the posters and bills was printed in very fine print “you must be well dressed”.

In his domain lived a very poor, homeless beggar who was dressed in rags. He read the poster and wanted to attend the party but was not qualified because of the fine print. He then decided to go to the palace to protest his disqualification.

When he got access to the King, the King directed the beggar to the Prince who insisted that the fine print must be a part of the invitation. The prince welcomed the beggar, heard his protest and led him to his wardrobe to take any choice of suit that fitted him. The beggar chose a grey suit and when he tried it, it was a perfect fit. The Prince asked him to go with it and assured him that the suit will never tear or wear out. The beggar left the Prince’s home wearing the suit but underneath his arms were his old rags. When the Prince asked why he was still carrying the rags, he replied, “In case the suit, like all my old dresses, tears I would go back to my rags”. The prince tried all to convince him that the suit would never tear or wear but the beggar would not be convinced. He left with the rags under his armpit.

The day of the Birthday party came, the beggar also came wearing the suit and still carrying the rags under his armpit. Food and drinks were served, but the beggar could not eat well because under his armpit were the rags which he would not let go of. He left the party hungrier than when he came and still carrying his rags under his armpit.

 Soon words reached the prince that his friend, the beggar was dying. He went to see him and there he was lying on the ground, wearing the suit and under his armpit were the rags. The prince regretted that this was a man who could have made it, had he believed that what he had was real.

We all have our “In cases” which have made us not attain God’s potential and in some cases  have even prevented us from accepting God’s righteousness and salvation. What is your own “in case”?

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