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4 short stories about Billy Graham

Billy Graham
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The Christian cannot do anything without Christ

Billy Graham was preaching, and a chap listened intently and later told Billy: “Do you know why I cannot be a Christian? It is because I fear that when I start, I cannot hold on” To this Billy replied: “Don’t ever forget that!” You can never be able to hold out without Christ!

The Bible is God's TNT

Once the great Evangelist Billy Graham sent his New Testament to a book-binder and instructed him to write on the edge of the book “The New Testament”; the book-binder after binding the New Testament felt that the edge was too little to contain the full words “The New Testament” so he wrote “TNT”. When Billy Graham came to collect the book, he at first felt offended that the book-binder did not write what he said. On a second thought, he exclaimed, “Indeed, this is God’s TNT!”

God is Dead, but I spoke to Him this morning!

Once Billy Graham was challenged when giving a message on the reality of God and His Son Jesus Christ; somebody said to him. ‘Hi, Billy, you talk very much about God as if He lives. He is dead. He has no more power in the affairs of men” Billy Graham coolly replied “I do not know of His death. I spoke to Him this morning”

You Are Incomplete Without Your Temper

Once someone asked Billy Graham: When is it just for a Christian to lose his temper?  Billy answered- When you are right, there is no reason to lose your temper; when you are wrong, you cannot afford to lose your temper. But remember that your temper is a part of your constitution and it makes you complete – you are incomplete without it. So at all times keep your temper.

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