Wednesday, December 04, 2013

How To Begin Learning The Bible

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The bible is one of the most influential books to ever exist. This guest post by Mike Thomas gives tips on how to start reading the bible. 

Reading and truly understanding the bible can be challenging. An older version of the bible such as the King James version can be difficult to understand. So how does one learn about the bible if they’re struggling with understanding the text? Here are some pointers listed below on how to better understand and learn the word of God.

Purchase a Bible
Purchase a bible that can be used both at home and at church. There are many versions of the bible and each has its limitations. One good option is the New International Version (NIV). This is a type of bible that has study notes at the bottom of each page explaining the above scripture in a way that a person can easily understand. The study notes also help the reader to apply what they’ve just read and learned. Keep in mind that the bible is a group of sixty six books and each were written during different times and by different people. So it’s not necessary to read the bible from front to back from page one to the end unless the reader wants to do it that way.

Online Classes
Taking online bible classes can be a helpful way to learn the bible for those who learn better through classroom study but are unable to attend classes in person due to their schedules. All a person needs is a bible and their computer and they can begin to utilize the flexibility of online classes by accessing the site when convenient for them.

Schedule a Time to Read
Try reading the bible every day. Figure out a reading schedule as to how many pages to read daily and what works best. Remember while reading; try to become comfortable and familiar with the themes and story lines contained in the bible.

Try Devotional Study Books
Devotional study books are books that select a bible verse or two for each day and it not only explains what was written, but the verses are to give a source of inspiration and guide the reader in their studies. Also, another option if the reader is curious about or wants more information on a particular topic, they can purchase a topical index book. Topical index books can cover many topics such as marriage, hope, and being discouraged. They list many different bible verses on each topic and the reader can look them up for further study and explanation and use them as a devotional study for the day.

Choose a Book to Study
Instead of trying to read the bible from front to back, try selecting one book at a time to focus on, and it’s OK to go out of order since the bible is a collection of books and not just one book. Try starting with the book of Mark, since this is more or less the easiest to understand. While reading, always try to read with purpose and look for and try to understand the lessons to be learned in each passage.

Keep a Journal
As the reader begins to learn new lessons and principles, these things should be written down in a journal so in time the reader can refer back to this information when necessary.

So there are many ways to learn the bible from online bible classes, to many different approaches when reading the bible. It is totally up to the reader that’s seeking knowledge, and what they’re comfortable with.
Mike Thomas really wants to start reading the bible. He decides to learn some pointers on the best way to go about that.

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