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Christian Carnival - October 2013

Lagos Carnival

Welcome to the October 2013 edition of Christian Carnival and Happy Independence day Nigeria! For those of you who don't know, Nigeria turned 53 yesterday, October 1. Hail to the Green-White-Green!

This month’s blog carnival is brought to you by 7 bloggers: 4 in the Devotional Category, 2 in the Theology category, and 1 in the Apologetics Category.

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The November edition of the Christian Carnival will be on November 6. If you want your link to be included, read and follow the guidelines here and send in your submission here.

On to the Carnival. Enjoy!


Jennifer Vaughn-Estrada of "The Chic of Domesticity", in her post "More Thoughts on Matthew", looks at the cherished myth about Christ's lineage and compares it to that of the Babylonian exilarchate.


Tom Finley of "The Good Book Blog" in his post "Why a Commentary?" gives strong reasons why a commentary can be not only helpful for understanding the Bible but even highly beneficial. If this post doesn't convince you to get one, nothing else probably could.

T.E. Hanna of "Of Dust and Kings" brings us this excellent post called Embracing an Imperfect Jesus. My favorite quote from this post:
"In the paradigm expounded upon by the Islamic gentleman, perfection is defined in terms of power. In the Christian paradigm, perfection is defined by love."


Pastor Dean of "Working on the Mission" gives a brief look into Ephesians 4 to show what it means to live a life set apart in his post "Looking Like a Christian"

A light post from Karen Vaughn of "Karen's Devotions" on the art of communication as exemplified by Jesus. The post is oddly called "The Little People"... I know, I don't get it either!

Patricia Holbrook of "Soaring with Him Ministries" gives us a post called "God's promises are forever". Having a bad day? Take comfort from the story of Abraham and read her licence plate frame: “No worries – God’s got it covered!”

Finally, in the spirit of Nigeria's Independence, Silas Eke of "Sermon Notes" explores what it means to be free in Christ in his post on "Christian Liberty"

Christian Carnival
Thank you for joining me in another edition of the Christian Carnival. Remember to submit or nominate an October post on before November 6.  If you are interested in hosting, please take a look at the Hosting page for more information. Thanks again for reading. See you next month!

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