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The Greatest News That People Do Not Want To Know

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Many people use the word ‘salvation’, or ‘saved’, however, some choose these words, but do not fully understand the meaning.

What is the meaning of salvation?

The word salvation comes from the Christian doctrine meaning being saved from ‘wrath’, in other words, from God’s judgment of our sins, which death is the consequence of our sins and salvation is the eternal deliverance into the kingdom of God.  Salvation is the gracious gift of God, which is undeserved by the sinners.  It was Jesus’ death on the cross that ultimately achieved our salvation!

Where does salvation begin?

Three things we must do in order to receive salvation:
-Faith-We are saved by our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ
-Hear- We must hear the gospel, and the good news of Jesus’ death and resurrection
-Believe-To believe is fully trusting in the Lord Jesus, which also requires repentance, the changing of our minds about sin.

Who are the sinners?

We are all sinners, and have done displeasing things to God, and the punishment for our sins is not just physical death, but eternal death! However, God demonstrated his love towards us through Jesus Christ, who died for our sins, so we may have eternal life, and Jesus’ resurrection proved God’s acceptance as payment for our sins.

The importance of Jesus’ death

Christ died in our place and took upon him, our sins.  Christ’s death was fully accomplished and justified through faith and redemption from sin.  Through the sufficiency and perfection of Christ’s sacrifice, all who truly receive Christ as their savior will have definite, eternal salvation.

The obedience factor

Obedience to God is the truth to salvation!  By simply saying that we believe in Jesus, or attending religious services, does not save us.  Ongoing obedience to God is what saves us. Misunderstanding the relationship can be dangerous, as well as deceptive.  People often claim that once a person has prayed the sinner’s prayer,  or made of profession of faith, yet only to continue ungodly lifestyles, does not result in a life with Christ, nor does it result in the promise of eternal life.

What about baptism?

The confusion here is that it is not the washing of the flesh that saves a believer, it is merely a counterpart to show one’s faith in the public eye, salvation begins when the believer places his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and baptism is a condition to receive forgiveness, not a requirement. The Bible does not state that in order to be saved, one must become baptized.  Although baptism is not required, faith is!  So being baptized, yet not placing your faith in Christ, does not guarantee eternal life.

Who qualifies for salvation?

Jesus died to pay penalties for our sins, but salvation, the  forgiveness of our sins is available to anyone!  All we have to do is confess and believe that God raised Jesus from the dead and call on the name of the Lord! This process is how we reunite with God, and through Jesus Christ, we can have a relationship with God.  When there is no separation from God, there is no condemnation, only eternal life!

Even though Cindi works in the medical industry full time, she still devotes a lot of her time to writing about counseling and many other topics.

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