The question is often asked: Who needs the Gospel? Why do we as Christians need to go out for Evangelism? Why do we not keep our faith to ourselves? Does God expect us to go witnessing and to whom? These and other related questions will engage our attention in this Sermon Series. We shall draw our teaching from Paul's Epistle to the Romans.

As powerful as the Gospel is, there is one thing that it cannot do: it cannot save any man until that man sees himself as a guilty, lost, condemned sinner. If no one is sick, why send for the doctor? If no one is lost, why preach the Gospel? If the world of men is not lost, absolutely condemned, then preaching the Gospel is foolish and futile.

Is the world really lost? This is what Paul sets himself to prove from Romans 1: 18 through to Chapter 3:20. He says, the heathen world is lost, the moral man (world) is lost, the religious man (world) is lost and the whole world is lost.

The Pagan World Needs the Gospel 

The heathen world needs the Gospel because God’s wrath is revealed over a deserving world – the heathen world deserves the revealed wrath of God and God has inflicted the wrath.

The Moral World Needs the Gospel

All the time Paul was talking about the heathen world and telling about their descent into idolatry; he was conscious that there was a class of men in the world who would stand right beside him and approve his condemnation of the heathen world. These are the people Paul addresses in this part of the series.

The Jew (Church Goer) Needs the Gospel

When Amos was delivering his message to the religious congregation in Israel, it was good message when he spoke of the transgressions of Damascus, Tyre, Ammon, Moab etc. But when he said: “for the transgressions of Judah and Israel”, the message became sour.

The Whole World Needs the Gospel

In the world, there are only two classes of people, Jews and Gentiles. In Romans 3:10, Paul answers a question: How many Jews and Gentiles are there who are righteous? – “there is none”

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