the devil

There is a poem by an unknown author on the devil. It goes:

Men don’t believe in a devil now, as their fathers used to do
They’ve opened the door of the broadest creed to let his majesty thru
There isn’t a print of his cloven foot or a fiery dart from his bow 
To be found on earth or anywhere, for the world has voted it so.

But who is mixing the fatal draught that kills both heart and brain
And loads the earth each passing year with ten hundred thousand slain?
Who blights the bloom of the land today with the fiery breath of hell?
If the devil isn’t or never was – won’t somebody please rise and tell?

Who dogs the steps of the toiling saint and digs the pits for his feet?
Who sows the tares in the field of time when God is sowing pure wheat?
But the devil is voted just not to be – and of course the thing is true –
But who is doing the kind of work the devil is supposed to do?

Won’t somebody step to the front right now and immediately begin to show
How the frauds and the crimes of the day spring up? – for surely we want to know!
The devil was fairly voted out – and of course the devil’s gone –
But simple folk would like to know, who carries his business on?

There is scarcely any culture, tribe or society to be found in this world which does not have some concept or fear of an invisible evil power. Christians as well as anthropologists everywhere have attested to this fact. This fear is expressed in many forms; Witchdoctors, shrunken heads, voo doo dolls, and totem poles all give dramatic evidence of the universality of this fear. Where did this fear come from and of what are they all afraid? 

I believe that a good understanding of who the devil is and how he operates will help to allay this fear. This is the objective of this sermon series. The messages are as follows:

The Devil made me do it

This expression was popularized by Flip Wilson in the early 1970's . While many believe and fear this invisible evil power, a large and growing number of people do not believe that he exists. In this sermon, we addresses the question: Does the Devil really exist or is he just a universal excuse?

Who made the Devil?

The Bible affirmatively asserts that the devil exists. But some questions itch for answers. Who is the devil? Why did God  create the devil in the first place and why doesn’t God destroy him? If God did not create the devil, who did? How did he come to be?

Who is the Devil? Look at his names

What's in a name? Everything! The Bible describes the devil with no less than twenty-two different names. The names suggest his frequent change of character and mode of operation. 

Activities of the Devil (Part one)

People often say “As busy as the bee” but the devil is busier than the bee. He is constantly working looking for people to put into one form of trouble or the other. He is the most active creature in the universe. 

Activities of the Devil (Part two)

We continue looking at the activities of the devil and we are beginning to find that his activities are as varied and as many as the sand on the sea shore. 

The Deadly D's of the Devil

This is arguably the most popular post on this blog. The strength of the devil is found in sixteen deadly “D’s”. In this message, I enumerate them and along with the deadly “D”, I try to give an antidote!

Defeating the Devil: His weaknesses and our strength

The Bible reminds us that we are engaged in a very bitter struggle with the enemy – the Devil. One of the strategies of warfare is to know the exact location of your enemy; his strength and his weakness. In the same way, you should never neglect a thorough assessment of your own self – your strength and your weaknesses and your position relative to the enemy’s. Any mistake in this assessment has very disastrous consequences.

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